I'm a vivid dreamer. I dream in color, sometimes 1st person, sometimes 3rd person. I have repetitive dreams, and if I can tell that I'm dreaming I can change some things, but not everything. Most of the time I don't realise I'm dreaming. I can't always remember everything from my dreams, but when I do remember, they're pretty darn crazy. At least to me. I figured I'd try and record them. Maybe one day someone can interpret them for me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cranberry Explosion Dream. 4/26/11

     I was driving home from work with my coworker, Teri. We were in an old beige Chryster 5th Avenue. (I only know it was this car because I used to drive a blue one, I'm not a car enthusiast) She was driving and we started to drive down the grade. I'm looking out the window at these tiny red berries. Teri said they were Cranberries, and we decided to pull over and pick some. I don't remember parking or getting out of the car, but I remember the berries not increasing in size as we approached. They looked to me like Pomegranate seeds on beautiful green vines.
     We were laughing and giggling picking berries and running down the hill. The farther down we got the bigger the berries got. From the size of Pomegranate seeds to a blueberry size, then a raspberry, soon to the shape and look of strawberries, but they were HUGE by the time we got to the bottom of the hill. HUGE bright red strawberries that somehow fit perfectly into our never expanding tiny bags we were holding.  We were talking at this point but I don't remember what, when I see a giant painted pumpkin about the size of the strawberries which at this point were about the size of a beach ball but still looking like strawberries (we were still calling them "cranberries").
    This pumpkin was weird. Not only was it the only pumpkin in a field of strawberry/cranberries it was painted like a beach ball- green, orange, purple, silver stripes with big clown faces on it. There were no "cranberries" around it and it wasn't attached to anything, it was floating and spinning slowly about a foot off the ground.
     "Look at this!" I said calling attention to it
     Teri says, "Let's poke it!"
     "No!" I said, "It's out of place here, and if comics have taught me anything, its you don't touch weird out of the ordinary things" (like huge strawberry cranberries are completely normal)
      "OK, then I'm going to throw a rock at it!"
      "Fine, but start running away first" I called out already running up the grade.
Teri takes a few strides and then throws the rock, it hits it and she continues to run. We're both still running away as this pumpkin stops spinning. It starts to swell, getting bigger and bigger, and the skin from the pumpkin starts to peel away like a banana and a silver orb is expanding out of it. It swells so big, and finally explodes! The explosion is so powerful it forces us both to fall to the ground. Both of us unharmed, we get back up and keep running back up the grade. We're scared but keep looking back in amazement. There now is this huge geyser of color and fire and craziness shooting from the open orb and into the sky. Its huge and vibrant. We keep running finally reaching the top of the grade.
     We reach the top of the grade where our car is parked and there's a kids carnival going on.
     "RUN!! Something is happening, HURRY, Leave!! We didn't do it!!" both of us are yelling (and lying) to all the kids and parents.
     "Get in the car we need to get away" Teri yells at me
     I get into the car and at this point the whole carnival is in a complete panic and the whole world can see this giant firey multi-colored geyser. Teri starts to drive off and she runs into another car. Not hard but enough to have some damage to the front end of both cars. We look back at the geyser, and she says,
    "A car accident isn't going to matter after this" and we speed off...    

 .....and I wake up.